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Sri Viruthambigai College of Education (B.Ed)

Is one of the milestones of a long journey in the field of education which commenced in 1955, Nallasiriyar Arima Ma. Kothandaraman made a humble beginning by starting Vallalar Elementary School, with a single teacher to serve the poor pupils of the surrounding rural areas in and around Valayamadevi, Chidambaram Taluk in Cuddalore district. The following institutions were started successfully in a step by step manner.

1955 -    Vallalar Elementary School Valayamadevi

1956 -    Vallalar home for destitute children approved by central social welfare board NEW Delhi

1975 -    Arima Ma. Kothandaraman was awarded the title “Nallasiriyar” by the Government of Tamilnadu

1986 -    Vallalar high School Valayamadevi

1993 -    Ma.Kothandaraman Educational Trust was constituted and our Chairman Mr. Ln.K. Sundaravadivel took over his father's service in educational field and started M.K. Raman ITI in Valayamadevi

1997 -    Sri Viruthambigai ITI Viruthachalam

2000 -    Sri Saraswathi ITI Chidambaram

2003 -    Sri Viruthambigai School of Nursing Viruthachalam

2006 -    Sri Viruthambigai Teacher Training Institute Viruthachalam

2007 -    M.K. Raman Teacher Training Institute Valayamadevi

2008 -    Sri Viruthambigai College of Education Viruthachalam

Sri Viruthambigai College of Education is a new venture governed by Ma. Kothandaraman Educational Trust. In time with the changing educational needs, we have launched this college following the government norms. The college started functioning with 100 students from June 2008 with governing Trust Members.

1. Mr. Ln. K. Sundaravadivel -  Chairman

2. Mrs. R. Anitha Sundaravadivel -  Secretary

3. Mrs. K. Viruthambigai -  Trust Member

4. Mr. G. Rajavel -  Trust Member

5.Mrs. A. Tamizharasi -  Trust Member


Our vision is to provide a quality teacher’s education to the young generation. The aim is not only focused on imparting subject knowledge and skills, but also to mould the students with better conduct and character committed to the societal needs and national development.


Our college provides an excellence by promoting human values for social harmony, providing quality teacher education for the rural and unreached students and to excel through innovative teaching, extension activities with technologies and to develop the communicative skills.


Educate sustainable progress.

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